Updated: July 2021

Minimum Standards

Under the new rental laws, residential rental providers (landlords) must ensure that their rental property meets certain minimum standards. The minimum standards will cover basic but important requirements relating to amenity, safety and privacy, and residential rental providers will owe a duty to ensure their property meets these standards.


Please note: The minimum standards are still being queried against Consumer Affairs Victoria's guidelines, as more information is released we will continue to provide a service that works with new information and new guidelines surrounding this changing landscape.

By Law, a residential rental provider (RRP) is now required to provide:

- A functioning deadlock on external doors

Reform information relating to deadlocks
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- A vermin proof rubbish bin

- A functioning toilet

- Adequate hot and cold water connections in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry

- External windows that have functioning latches to secure against external entry

- A functioning cooktop, oven, sink and food preparation area

- Functioning heating in the property’s main living area

- Window coverings to ensure privacy in any room the owner knows is likely to be a bedroom or main living area

- A rented premises that is structurally sound

- A rented premises that is free from mould or damp caused by building structure

- All power outlets and lighting circuits to be connected to a circuit breaker and residual current device

- Ventilation requirements

Please reference Minimum Standards in detail

and Consumer Affairs Victoria : Minimum Standards


Refer to: Residential Tenancies Regulation 2021 Doc Regulation 29, Schedule 4

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