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REIV and Property Compliance Victoria will be running a live online information session to help Property Managers and Real Estate Agency Principals prepare for the new legislation, and what steps they need to take to avoid penalties.

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Legislative Support

Property Compliance Victoria

Bringing Compliance Support To the Real Estate Industry, Residential Rental Providers and Renters.

About Property Compliance Victoria (PCV)

Property owners will now be required by law to ensure their properties meet new compliance standards. We provide comprehensive compliance support to the real estate industry, residential rental providers & renters.

PCV bring legislative education to your community and provide a unique audit model to bring every property into 100% compliance. Built from a real estate perspective, this service ensures you are supported to meet your new requirements as dictated by Victorian law.

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Navigating a Changing Landscape

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018 will be introduced by 29th March 2021. The Residential Tenancies Act has been under review with the intention to revisit the regulatory settings that have been in place since 1997, and to ensure they meet the needs of participants in today’s rental housing market.

This is the main source of consumer protection for Victorians living in rental housing, while also outlining the obligations of residential rental providers, renters and property managers. PCV guide you through understanding & fulfilling your new legal requirements as an agency and RRP with the support of our PVC Model.

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The PVC Model

Review in detail how we can support you:


Understanding and Clarity

Providing understanding and clarity around the legislative reforms to the real estate industry, residential rental providers and renters.

Education Programs

Delivering education programs to your team and providing you with formal education packs for you educate to your RRP community.


Compliance Auditing

Offering full compliance auditing and detailed property management summary designed to ensure you are supported to bring 100% of your portfolio into 100% compliance as seamlessly as possible.  

Transparency and Reliability

Exemplary communication on multi level platforms and real time GPS tracking for transparency, reliability and piece of mind.


Maintenance Support

Offering a unique maintenance method to provide efficient compliance management and cost offset to your RRPs.

Strategic Efficiencies

Providing in office strategic efficiencies support to property management, admin and reception team members.