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On or before April 27th 2021, all rented properties in Victoria will be required by law to be compliant with new legislation to meet minimum living conditions. Real Estate Agencies and residential rental providers (RRPs) must ensure properties meet the new compliance standards relating to a minimum standard of living.

Failure to meet the new standards will result in heavy fines ($9,913.00 RRP Fine) and public blacklisting not only for the RRPs but for the managing agency as well.

Property Compliance Victoria will be releasing a detailed information webinar to educate real estate principals and property managers about the minimum standards, the penalties, and our audit model.
Helping you and your clients meet and maintain compliance.

Proactive Real Estate Agencies are already starting to educate their community and plan how they will ensure 100% minimum standard compliance for the properties they manage. To be informed of the webinar release and get additional information, register here


The webinar will cover:

  • Why the legislation has been changed
  • What we are now required by law to do
  • What you need to know now to get ready
  • The Property Compliance Victoria  industry support program

Property Compliance Victoria are working to help Victorian Real Estate Agencies:

EDUCATE property management and property owners on the new legislation

AUDIT what must be done at each property to meet minimum standards

EXECUTE a unique compliance support service to help ensure 100% of your portfolio meets 100% compliance in a cost effective and timely manner

CERTIFY your properties to provide evidence of compliance and avoid fines and public black-listing


Who is Property Compliance Victoria?

Property Compliance Victoria is a team of compliance professionals bringing 2021 legislative education to your property management team and education material to your RRP community. 
We offer a unique audit model, assisting you to provide every property, the support to reach the minimum standard of living as dictated by the new reforms.

Our purpose is to support the Victorian real estate community to reach the baseline of 100% compliance in relation to the minimum standards. Built from a real estate perspective, this service ensures you are supported to meet your new requirements as governed by Victorian law.

We will provide a step-by-step process for your agency to prepare for, and meet the required standards including:

  • Remote online presentations and training support for agencies
  • Educational material for residential rental providers (digital and hard copy brochure form)
  • A comprehensive audit process to protect your agency and your residential rental providers
  • Immediate compliance certification for properties that currently meet standards
  • Recommendation, negotiation and timeline support for properties that require work to meet minimum standards

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