Who is Property Compliance Victoria?

Property Compliance Victoria is a team of compliance professionals bringing 2021 legislative education to your property management team and education material to your RRP community.

We offer a unique audit model, assisting you to provide every property, the support to reach the minimum standard of living as dictated by the new reforms.

Our purpose is to support the Victorian real estate community to reach the baseline of 100% certification in relation to the minimum standards. Built from a real estate perspective, this service ensures you are supported to meet your new requirements as governed by Victorian law.

We will provide a step-by-step process for your agency and rental providers to prepare for, and meet the required standards including:

  • Remote online or in office presentations and training support for agencies
  • Educational material for residential rental     providers (4 X hard copy brochure pack)
  • A comprehensive audit process to protect your agency and your residential rental providers
  • Immediate Minimum Standard certification for properties that currently meet standards
  • Recommendation, negotiation and timeline support for properties that require work to meet minimum standards

Welcome to Property Compliance Victoria

Property Compliance Victoria (PCV) is a compliance company that assists in understanding the new reforms regarding property compliance, minimum standards and home safety whilst providing auditing and ongoing support to home owners and agents. 

We provide assistance with the navigation of the following governing bodies:

  • Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Energy Safe Victoria
  • Victorian Building Authority
  • Engage Victoria
  • REIV
  • The Residential Tenancies Act 1997
  • Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade

We educate the property managers and home owners on the new legislation surrounding compliance and safety.

We audit and assess the properties on the rent roll against the new legislative requirements that commence as of Jan 2021.

We provide a comprehensive audit report and recommendations about what is needed to bring the property to standard or an REIV approved compliance certificate.

We provide software integration support to the real estate agency and a maintenance schedule to provide lower costs and efficient management of the portfolio and audit results.

EDUCATE property management and property owners on the new legislation

ASSESS what must be done at each property to meet minimum standards

EXECUTE a unique Minimum Standard audit service to help ensure 100% of your portfolio meets legislative standards in a cost effective and timely manner

CERTIFY your properties to provide evidence of Minimum Standard and avoid fines and public black-listing

Property Compliance Victoria are working to help Victorians.

PCV assist Real Estate Agencies to: