Property Manager Support

The Victorian Government recently passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018 and the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 which includes more than 130 reforms and supporting documentation.

This means, from March 29 2021, RRPs and their managing agents will be required by law to ensure their properties meet Minimum Standards or they risk harsh financial penalties, being named on a public blacklist register and endangering their insurance policies. 

Get Ahead Now

Wading through complex legislation and understanding what the real impact for your Agency is takes time, which is why we’ve done the work for you and have created a seamless process so you can be confident your Agency is not exposed to non-compliance risk. 

RRPs who are not compliant not only risk their own penalties, they also put your agency at risk of the same penalties.

Want to know more?

We help you help your RRPs to meet - and keep - their properties compliant

It is our commitment to support forward thinking Agencies get ahead, and stay ahead of the new legislation so they can continue to grow sustainable, strong business no matter what changes are ahead.

Ongoing Education

We provide up-to-date information for your Property Managers so they are at the forefront of the new legislation before it comes in, as well as ensuring they are aware of any future changes to the legislation and how it might impact your Agency.

Communication Material

We can create a suite of templates to help you communicate with your Property Owners. This ensures the correct information is being distributed, with clear and simple key points and timeframes for appropriate action to be taken.

Legal Support

Our compliance certificates are here to provide protection to your agency. This ensures you have evidence that you value compliance thus reducing the risk of being publicly named on the Consumer Affairs non-compliance blacklist.

Minimum Standards Auditing

We are positioned to conduct Minimum Standards audits for the new legislation and are able to help you proactively prepare for the introduction of the new requirements on January 1 2021 - further reducing your vulnerability to any of the repercussions.

Reliable Value

Our audit process has been designed to create significant efficiencies for your Property Owners including the cost of audit and maintenance costs should they be required in order to meet the minimum standards.

Minimum Standard Certification

Our certification process for  properties that meet Minimum Standards adds value to your rent roll, and sets your Agency apart as leaders in the new reforms. This will become part of a new standard for Agencies to aspire to.

Save Time

We have systemised the post audit phase so we can help you bring your entire portfolio up to meet the standard of living requirements and safety maintenance requirements with the minimum disruption to your operations.

Software Integration

We work with leading property management software to ensure you have in-office compliance support.